Worship Pastor

December 2022

Christmas is upon us and we will soon be celebrating the birth of Jesus!Some people say that “true” Christians would never celebrate the birth of the Savior because thescripture doesn’t command us to remember it, as we are told to…
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November 2022

Let Thanksgiving be the Habit of your Life“Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless I will show my salvation.” Psalm 50:23When everything is going well, it’s easy to give thanks, but what happens when things are…
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October 2022

My childhood autumns in Indiana hold precious memories—unpacking warmerclothing, hot cocoa, harvest moons, fires in the hearth, a well-stocked pantry, andbest of all—FOOTBALL! I loved it.The autumn of life is a strange mixture of nostalgia, blessings, and potential. It yieldsthe…
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