Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests March/April 2024

Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

  • • Praise:
  • o CJ and Eliza got engaged in December! We are overjoyed and thrilled to announce that their wedding is set for June. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare for their upcoming wedding and big transition.
  • o For what God continues to do through ACTION worldwide! His good Providence has positioned us to seek new work among the most spiritually needy people. We are committed to passionately living out the Great Commission.
  • • Prayer:
  • o For the two billion people worldwide who have never heard the Gospel. Some of the largest unreached people groups don’t know a Christian, nor will they ever come into contact with a follower of Jesus who speaks their language. Pray for guidance and wisdom as we reach out to these Frontier Peoples.
  • o For those who live in places with no Gospel witness. Ask the Lord to send workers to hard places for the proclamation of the Gospel.
  • aise:
  • o That the holiday season of Pchum Ben here in Cambodia is presenting us many opportunities to share the Gospel.
  • o That we are encouraged by all that God is doing, and for the prayers and support from churches and families around the globe.
  • • Prayer:
  • o That the Khmer would know the hope of the Gospel and the soul satisfaction which comes through faith (alone) in Jesus.
  • o For strength, courage, protection, and discernment as our Khmer Christian brothers and sisters are pressured to participate in ceremonies and traditions associated with the holiday which is incompatible as Christ followers. Pray that they will honor Christ and testify of the Gospel to their families.

Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)
• Praise:
o For opening doors and hearts for me to have lengthy and meaningful discussions about Jesus with a number of agnostic legislators and legislative staff members from both parties at the California State Capitol.
o For an influential political leader who I am privileged to help leave a life of sinfulness and follow the Lord.
• Prayer:
o For healing. I broke my finger last fall and continue to have complications throughout my left hand and arm. I am consulting with specialists and surgeons.
o For guidance as I search for a part-time executive administrative assistant to help with the increased office work required by the ministry and free me up to focus more on the pastoral ministry that only I can do.

Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)
• Praise:
o That our sports ministry local church leaders have been successful implementing sports ministry programs in their local churches. Outreach programs and continuous training has so far proved fruitful on expanding the number of pastors and teachers learning how to use sports ministry effectively.
o For the health of my family, the health of our mission, and God continuing to meet us at our point of need.
• Prayer:
o For effective church growth and discipleship as more pastors and teachers implement the sports ministry programs.
o For God’s guidance in prioritizing quality over quantity. The programs must be based in prayer to be successful, and we must connect effectively to the local sports programs to reach young people.

• Praise:
o For five seasoned DCPI leaders attending the Mediterranean conference, with over 470 leaders from the region. These trainers are from the USA, Middle East, and Europe. For the first time, we have trainers who can connect with Francophone countries of North Africa.
o For God’s full provision for Karen’s trip as she travels to minister to young people for the Olympic trials in March.
• Prayer:
o For the Lord to guide six newer DCPI trainers attending the event in the Mediterranean. May church planting training take off like wildfire.
o For God’s favor over Emily Froehlich. Emily is a US Rowing Team athlete with a love for Jesus, competing for a seat on the US Olympic team March 3- 24. Her God-given vision is to be in the 8-Women boat. May she keep her focus on the Lord, in a tough environment, while giving her all for His glory.

Kennedy and Emily Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

  • • Praise:
  • o For a successful mission trip to Malawi and South Africa. Kennedy was able to train 45 leaders on sports ministry. Many of the areas he visited are now fully engaged in outreach through sports.
  • o That God has miraculously enabled the ministry to purchase two acres of land along the Kenya-Tanzania border, which will be developed into a games camp and training facility to further their mission!
  • • Prayer:
  • o For the success of the end-of-the-year ministry events in Kenya. The ministry is beginning to reach out to the people in the central part of Kenya.
  • o For the Lord’s guidance and wisdom as the ministry begins to develop the new land for future ministry usage.

Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)
• Praise:
o For the success of our annual STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Expo—it was amazing! Students completed a six-week-long project, and we gathered for fellowship as we celebrated their accomplishments.
o That an LCA family donated a twelve-passenger van to our school. This will allow us to ensure field trips are not canceled when we do not have enough drivers.
• Prayer:
o For guidance and wisdom as we’ve had more families experience financial hardship this year. Please pray for a successful Spring BBQ Fundraiser (April 27th) and that God continues to provide, not only for LCA but for all families who attend as well.
o For the Lord’s protection over our staff and families; several staff members are battling debilitating physical ailments as well as the typical illnesses frequent this time of year.

• Praise:
o For success in a new village we visited this January with a Christmas concert. The team made great contacts, and we are looking forward to going back.
o That I concluded my Aviation Maintenance training and soon will be legal to work on our ministry aircraft in the country where we are stationed.
• Prayer:
o For safety in travel as I visit the U.S. this spring, and for my safe return to this country. For protection for our family as I will be gone for a few weeks.
o That the groundwork for our aircraft hangar at the new location has begun. Pray that we can have it completed before the busy ministry season begins.

• Praise:
o For the successful planning sessions and conferences that our sports ministry has had.
o That the new construction of the Sangita building should finish very soon.
• Prayer:
o For wisdom and guidance as we plan travel in the spring of 2024.
o That our Sangita work will gain momentum, as the political climate has made the sharing of the Gospel more difficult daily.
o Pray that the widows will stay safe and rooted in Christ, and that our children, who are at a vulnerable age, will continue the course on the road to salvation.

• Praise:
o For a seminar recently held in the Middle East where 117 Muslims came to put their trust in Jesus for salvation in this life and the next. 60 of these were influential religious leaders. Eight leaders prepared the successful seminar.
o For donations helping us to buy more than a thousand Arabic Bibles for this seminar. Each participant received a Bible for the seminar and more to share with relatives and friends.
• Prayer:
o For comfort for the friends and families of two of the seminar planners (of the eight total) who were killed by radical Muslims. Pray that all who knew them, including their wives and children and even those who killed them, may have visions of where they are now in glory with Jesus.
o Another two seminar planners fled to another country in North Africa where Abdul, who has been a Christian since 2019, is training them in the Way of Jesus. Pray that as they share what they are learning by phone and social media, many more may learn “by extension” how to mature in Christ and become effective witnesses for Jesus.

Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)
• Praise:
o For several mentoring opportunities for Steve with other men in our local community. Both young men are struggling with issues related to addiction. What a wonderful opportunity to speak truth into the lives of those who need counsel.
o That Dawn was able to visit her mother and father recently. Her parents are getting older, and their care needs are increasing. We want to honor both of parents with regular visits and involvement in their lives.
• Prayer:
o For continuing recruitment of the next generation of Kingdom workers here in America. We are dedicated to presenting opportunities to young university students who want to use their gifts for The Lord’s work.
o For safety, guidance, and wisdom as Steve will have a very busy travel year this year. He is currently planning five international evangelistic ministry campaigns this year in addition to his many other leadership, recruiting, and planning responsibilities.

  • Praise:
    • For every changed life represented in our Graduation Ceremony that took place on February 5.
    • For two new staff members hired; one at Twin Rivers Women’s Center and the other at Alpha Henson Men’s Center.
  • Prayers:
    • For preparations and for many to participate and sponsor our Golf Tournament in Redding on May 13th.
    • For our students as they go home to be with their families over the Easter break.

Ring Dilbung—East India
• Praise:
o That a five-room house, built specifically to house orphans, has begun in February 2024.
o That we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of “Self Help Group for Mission” the ministry which my beloved Thamsing and I started in 2014 to help orphans and widows. Through this ministry, more than 7,000 young people have come to Christ.
• Prayers:
o For the completion of the Children’s Home, including all the materials, financing, and laborers.
o For the safety and support for three orphans who are staying with me right now, as well as other orphans who needs help and guidance in their studies. Please pray for my two kids and my nephew as we navigate through the civil unrest here in East India.