Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests September/ October 2021

Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

  • Praise:
    • That Jodi passed her comprehensive exam… she’s finishing up her M.A. in Special Education through Cairn University.
    • That our son CJ will transition to the US for studies at The Master’s University and our daughter Kamryn wll graduate from the same college in December. 
  • Prayer:
    • For Gospel opportunities for the Cambodian Church as they reach out to those impacted by the ongoing COVID pandemic.
    • For Gospel opportunities among the Cham people in Cambodia who are unreached with the Gospel.

Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That a bipartisan group of State Legislators from both parties who profess trust in Jesus recently hosted a dinner by the Capitol to dine together in His name and to express gratitude for the ongoing ministry to them.
    • That an influential leader who is an agnostic who I have been meeting with says he is starting to trust in Jesus. 
  • Prayer:
  • For God to open doors and hearts as I continue to reach out to and disciple and counsel state senators, assembly members, staff, and lobbyists during a very busy season at the Capitol.
  • For God to guide as my wife and I are inviting many non-Christians or those without a church home to a weekly evening outreach Bible discussion in our home.

Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

  • Praise:
    • For God’s faithfulness to me, my family, and our ministry.
    • For opening new doors to share the Gospel. In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are using one-on-one and small group approaches. This strategy is working well and we are seeing positive results.
  • Prayer:
    • To gain a deeper relationship with God.
    • For God to intervene in the pandemic. Malawi is experiencing the third wave of COVID, as evidenced by many cases and deaths. The Government has instituted more measures that have negatively affected our economy. Fuel prices continue to rise, which has made food and transportation much more expensive. Please pray for the pandemic to cease and for our economy to recover.

Jay and Karen Devers—Dynamic Church Planting International (Worldwide)

  • Praise:
    • That the family experienced a fun and meaningful vacation and extended family time in June and July with both boys and family. 
    • That Jay and Karen are leading weekly prayer groups as they seek to train in every country of the world by the end of 2021.
  • Prayer:
    • For the Devers family as they mourn the loss of parents and grandparents. Roy and Bonnie Devers passed away July 7 and August 25, respectively. 
    • For Karen as she adds a monthly writing assignment to her responsibilities and leads a seminar, beginning in September, for the DCPI missionaries.

Kennedy and Emily Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

  • Praise:
    • For the purchase of a van to use for the ministry. We have needed a van for six years, and God answered our prayers! We can now participate in more ministry events with our students and coaches, and we can provide transportation to those who need it!
    • That we had successful sports ministry events in July that saw over 40 coaches and leaders commit themselves to continue serving through sports ministry!
  • Prayer
    • That the Lord will keep the vehicle safe in its ministry travels.
    • For the success of the upcoming individual and group sports ministry trainings.

Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That school has begun! We have only a few classroom openings remaining and students are getting acclimated to their new routines.
    • We have been extremely blessed with item donations (office furniture/supplies) and volunteers who are excited to jump in and help with anything we need.
  • Prayer: 
    • For our four new staff members. There is so much to learn about our school, families, students, and curriculum.
    • Continue to pray for the health of our school family and opportunities for us to bless others.

Michael and Irina—Slavic Gospel Association (Asia)

  • Praise:
    • That we were able to visit the States this summer. It was very encouraging to see our families and friends.
    • That work on the house is slowly continuing.
  • Prayer:
    • For a new airfield in which to base our aircraft. Our current airfield floods often and is increasingly unusable.
    • For clarity in the process of our annual aircraft recertification, which is coming due.

Paul and Grace MosesIndia Sports Ministry/Sangita Charitable Trust/Widows’ Program (India)

  • Praise:
    • For God’s abounding mercies and grace towards us and our ministries during this entire season of Pandemic. All our ministries and people are safe and secure from this virus so far and we are grateful to God for His marvelous protection!
    • For our wonderful staff, who were able to serve the ministries of Sangita not withholding any of our responsibilities to the Kingdom work.
    • That our two grandchildren, born during the pandemic to our daughter Shiny, are doing well, and God’s protection is with them.
  • Prayer:
    • That India is under the threat of a third wave of COVID. The “Delta wave” is affecting children much more than previous variants. 
    • For our daughter Shiny, who is struggling after childbirth with the demands of her work and family. 

Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • For Akiza’s release! A Muslim official who had been the main roadblock to Akiza’s release came to Jesus, and he stopped fighting for Akiza to remain in prison. As a result, a judge released and acquitted Akiza, who stepped out of prison into the embrace of his wife Neza and his two daughters. Once in the Discipleship Center, Akiza basked in daily prayers, good food, consistent medical attention, uninterrupted rest, and new glasses. Akiza is getting stronger, even able to read again!
    • For the provision of 200 more audio New Testaments in the languages of four unreached peoples.
  • Prayer:
    • For strength for Jonah and his children. Jonah’s wife Hagar perished in the recent flash flooding in Sudan. Together, Jonah and Hagar led over 20 families in Khartoum and environs to the Lord. We hear that Jonah is urging all Muslims who come to visit him to join him in following the One who conquered even death.
    • For ongoing wisdom and strength as Ruth continues to mentor and work face-to-face and online with those interested in making disciples for Christ from among Muslim peoples.

Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

  • Praise:
    • That our daughters Bianca and Sofia were with us this summer between semesters at Taylor University in Indiana. They returned to the campus earlier this week and classes begin next week. This is one of the blessings of our reassignment to the US, to have a place for them during the summer and holidays.
    • For a continued influx of Proclaim colleagues and families into Jacksonville to be a part of some big visions and initiatives here in the US including the building of a new training and recruitment center here in Jacksonville.
  • Prayer:
    • For ministry opportunities developing not only in our focus area of The Balkans but in nearby Greece. Next year, we hope to return to a strategic country in North Africa. May God take the lead as details develop and partners emerge.
    • Please pray for Steve as he is in strategic planning and leadership meetings for new responsibilities he will be assuming here at our Proclaim US office in Jacksonville.

Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For our many faithful volunteers and donors.
    • For God affecting all our students’ lives.
  • Prayers: 
    • For the success of our banquets in September to support our centers in Lincoln, Happy Valley and Yuba City.
    • For our students and their families.

Thamsing and Ring Dilbung—Church Sports International/Sports Resource Center (East India)

  • Praise:
    • That God is continuously giving me strength and comfort despite losing Thamsing to COVID at the end of May. I praise God for giving me and my kids good health.
    • For all the love and support from our ministry partners, churches, family, and friends who stood by my family during these hard times. I realize the importance of being God’s child and for the comfort that brings. Praise God!
  • Prayers: 
    • For the healing of my 67-year-old mother, who has been sick from COVID since June 19. She is still in the ICU.
    • For the success of our Self-Help Group for Mission members, who are connected from a different part of northeast states in India.
    • Pray for wisdom and guidance to successfully run our ministry during this time of COVID.
    • For the doctors, nurses, and all the front-line workers who are trying to save the lives of people suffering from COVID. As I have been visiting my mother in the main hospital in Manipur, my eyes hurt to see so many people dying and suffering.