Mission Praises/Prayer

Missions’ Praises and Prayer Requests November/December 2022

Daren and Jodi Beck—ACTION International (Cambodia)

  • Praise:
    • That we have been able to invest in the next generation of cross cultural leaders with ACTION through our Leadership Cohort. We have 12 men from 9 countries participating.  
    • For the opportunity to participate in ACTION’s 24 Hours of Prayer with our global team from 37 countries.  
  • Prayer:
    • For ongoing flood relief efforts in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Please pray specifically for Gospel opportunities as we work with local churches in affected communities.
    • For ongoing Gospel opportunities among frontier peoples on the Afghanistan border.

Frank Erb—Capitol Commission (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That I am being invited to speak in churches to share what God is doing through my ministry in the Capitol.
    • For some noticeable healing and strengthening for my right shoulder that has caused me pain for many years. I continue to perform daily light stretches and exercises to attempt to rehabilitate it and avoid another difficult rotator cuff surgery.
  • Prayer:
    • For God to guide and energize as I work to complete a long list of many important end of year ministry responsibilities.
    • For God to guide and provide as I make contact with ministry supporters as this year comes to a close.

Henry and Grace Banda—YOLEDS (Youth Leadership Development in Sport) (Malawi)

  • Praise:
    • For the Lord’s faithfulness to us as a family. 
    • For God meeting us at the point of our needs.
  • Prayer:
    • For the success of the upcoming church leadership sports seminar; that many children and young adults will come to Jesus.
    • For the success of the faithful teachings of our church’s women’s ministry programs.

Jay and Karen Devers—Dynamic Church Planting International (Worldwide)

  • Praise:
    • For the training of an Afghan leader in Sacramento who is working with Jay to help plant churches within the refugee community there. 
    • For a wonderful two weeks with our two grandchildren and son and daughter-in-love in Sweden in late September. 
  • Prayer:
    • For wisdom and guidance for Karen as she is finishing the last session of coaching certification. What a joy for her to coach DCPI missionaries to help them be financially strong and equipped to do all God has called them to do.
    • For the success of this month’s DCPI training in five new countries, all Islamic majority nations. The countries stretch from Africa to Asia!

Kennedy and Emily Salano—316 Transformational Sports Ministry (East Africa)

  • Praise:
    • For peaceful national elections held here in Kenya last month. We are grateful that the transition in power between the top leaders was smooth and peaceful.
    • For a successful sports camp in August, which saw over 195 kinds attend. We were able to minister to all of them, with many recommitting themselves to Christ. We also saw 21 youths baptized during the camp.
  • Prayer
    • For an end to the acute drought we are experiencing in many parts of our country. Millions of people are at risk. In addition, food and fuel prices have been shooting up. Pray that the Lord will bring rain.
    • For the success of our upcoming mission to Pakistan.

Lincoln Christian Academy (formerly Community Christian School), Lincoln, CA (USA)

  • Praise:
    • That our LCA family packed over 15,000 meals to split between our community and internationally. The joy of serving together was incredible!
    • That our Learning Center is up and running! The vision planted over four years ago of providing the resources each child needs to overcome the academic difficulties they face has sprouted and is growing stronger every day.
  • Prayer: 
    • For wisdom and guidance as the property next to our school is soon to be developed and is approved for a gas station with the possibility of liquor sales. Please pray that the developer will be willing to work with us to ensure the safety of our families.
    • For the unity of purpose among staff, volunteers, and families.  That our focus will be on the Lord’s plans and not our own.

Michael and Irina—Slavic Gospel Association (Asia)

• Praise:
o For a safe and uneventful trip to U.S. following the major tensions in the country where we serve.
o That our ministry partners in the country we serve have thus far not been affected by the local political turmoil.
• Prayer:
o For the village ministries to continue while we are away for a few months.
o For peace and an end to the turmoil in the country where we minister, so that we can return and continue our mission work.

Paul and Grace MosesIndia Sports Ministry/Sangita Charitable Trust/Widows’ Program (India)

  • Praise:
    • That our ministries are doing well by His grace and grace alone—with so much opposition and uncertainty. God’s care, love, and protection overcome all hurdles. 
    • For the opportunity to visit Lincoln Community Church in November. 
  • Prayer:
    • For the success of our ministry, as the government has taken away a huge portion of our property. Fortunately, the main buildings are intact (except for the playgrounds, self-help ministry facility, and widows ministry facility).
    • That we will be open to expanding the ministries, despite the heavy opposition we face as a Christian NGO. 

That we will put God always in the center, to hear His still small voice in doing what He wants us to do. Pray that we will listen to His will alone and fearlessly expand the Gospel work

Ruth Veltkamp—Set Free Ministries (Nigeria)

  • Praise:
    • That many of the refugees who have been trained as Christians in the refugee camp have returned home to their villages. They are setting up Christian farming co-ops and continue to pray and read Scriptures five times a day.  More Muslims are joining them.
    • That the LEMA students Ruth taught in person in Uganda and now online are growing in an understanding of and compassion for Muslims.
  • Prayer:
    • For the beginning of a new church among Muslims in Guinea-Bissau, a Portuguese-speaking country just south of Senegal in West Africa.  Pray for new Christians there, for growth in their knowledge of God and in their ability to live a new life-style in the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • That all the Bibles which have been distributed to new Christians and Muslims eager to read them may become Life-giving for eternity.

Steve and Dawn Liberti—NAB Conference/Proclaim Ministries (Germany/Global)

  • Praise:
    • For a very fruitful time of ministry in September where Proclaim International partnered with three Hispanic churches in Jacksonville. We had a series of outreach events designed to reach the huge Hispanic community in this region of the U.S. The church partners were very dedicated to ongoing engagement and the process of making disciples. 
    • That yet another colleague will be joining us in Jacksonville and will be significant member of our team. We also thank The Lord for many young people who have joined us in various ministry efforts in the last 6-months. We continue to be dedicated to equipping and making opportunities for a new generation of Kingdom workers!
  • Prayer:
    • For those we ministered to in Albania. Steve recently completed a two-week evangelistic campaign, partnering with The Lushnje Pastoral Association. We worked with eight different pastors and ministry partners. May those who heard the Gospel be compelled to commit their lives to following Jesus!
    • For four men I had the privilege to witness to in an Albanian prison in the city of Fier. Pray for Rino, Elton, Toni, and Vladimir. They are looking at lengthy sentences in this prison facility. Rino and Toni know the Lord, but the other two men do not. Pray that Elton and Vladimir will release themselves from the spiritual prison they find themselves in by their own making.

Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge (USA)

  • Praise:
    • For the success of our Banquets and our Virtual Gala in September.
    • For the work the Lord is doing in our students’ lives.
  • Prayers: 
    • For the funding to be able to re-open our Women’s Center in Yuba City.
    • For our students as they go home to be with their families over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Ring Dilbung—East India

  • Praise:
    • For the successful and fruitful VBS (Vocational Bible School) conducted in October. 73 young boys and girls gave their life unto the Lord!
    • For the success of the Pulpit Exchange program, done with the initiative of Baptist Women Union of Nagaland. In mid-October, seven different churches came together for fellowship. Our church hosted the program and participated in all areas of the exchange. It was a challenging but fruitful time of fellowship!
  • Prayers: 
    • For the success of the upcoming Youth Camp in Guwahati, where I will be sharing the Gospel.
    • For my church’s Silver Jubilee in mid-December. We want to celebrate Jesus and his faithfulness.
    • For the memorial program of my late husband Thamsing Dilbung in his native village. We had to wait until now to hold the service, as none of his family members could attend his funeral in 2020, because it was peak COVID.