Our History

Founding Pastor Art and Sena Brust were called to the Lincoln Community in the summer of 2000 for the purpose of organizing and building a church on the property in Sun City Lincoln Hills purchased by the Northern California Association of Churches. Coming with the experience of completing University and Seminary in the Midwest and doing post graduate studies at the Golden Gate Seminary in Mill Valley, CA, where he received his Doctorate of Ministry degree, Pastor Art along with his wife, Sena, have served several different denominational churches in British Columbia, California, Montana, Oregon and South Dakota.

From services held in the living room of Pastor Art and Sena the congregation grew into the ballroom of the Sun City Orchard Creek Lodge and finally the sanctuary of Lincoln Hills Community Church at the main entrance to Sun City Lincoln Hills.

Pastor Art and Sena retired August 31, 2009 and a “Celebration of Appreciation” was held in their honor by the congregation, friends and family the evening of August 23, 2009. Their parting words: “May God bless you all, as you continue serving Him faithfully, along with your new Pastor and wife, Mike and Diane Bradaric, and the very committed leaders in the church family of Lincoln Hills Community Church.”