August 2022

These days when everything is so easy to access through our phones or our computer, we sometimes forget just how important and powerful our minds are.
Electric signals in our brain travel faster than any computer. These signals travel using ten times less energy than any computer. And our brains are like 100 billion mini computers all working together.
And still, I hear people today telling me that they cannot memorize Scripture.
It might not be a matter of not being able, but a question of what we choose is most important to remember. Because remembering what we order at Starbucks is easy.
We say, “May I have a tall, non-fat, decaf soy latte with caramel drizzle, with extra whipped cream and chocolate, with 2% foam and four shots of expresso.”
We can remember that because it is of vital importance.
Wouldn’t be nice if we could place that much significance to memorizing our favorite Bible verses?
Psalms 119:11 – “Your Word, O Lord, have I treasured in my heart that I may not sin against Thee.”
To treasure something in our hearts is not work. It should be a joy beyond compare! Memorizing scripture can keep us from wandering away from the Lord
Psalms 119:35 – “Make me walk in the path of Your Word, for I delight in it.”
The Word of the Lord is a delight for every child of God, as His Word directs our steps time and time again to the throne of God.
Psalms 119:50 – “This is my comfort in my misery, that Your Word has revived me.”
The Word of the Lord is like CPR to the soul in misery. Scripture that we have memorized, can restore us body, mind, and spirit.
Psalms 119:89 – “Your Word, O Lord, stands forever in the heavens.”
If we will spend eternity declaring the Word of God, it seems to me that we should get busy and start declaring it now!
Psalms 119 is one of the sweetest places to explore the value of memorizing God’s Word.
That is what I think anyway…
Jody <><