July 2023

Every week Lincoln Community church hosts
hundreds and hundreds of people in our
building whether it is for a worship service,
Bible Study, special events like Friendship
Day, movie nights, or food drives.
I believe that most people come into our church
for a short visit and a genuine smile. Our church has a
positive influence on our people even if we do not hold a service.
And yet our ministry to the citizens of Placer County is not our appeal to the
multitudes. Instead, it is our one-to-one ministry.
I found joy in the fact that I was hugged and thanked because of a simple
hospital visit. Being hugged and genuinely thanked is the reward for taking the
risk of personal contact.
This week I rediscovered that the message of the cross is not found in the
masses that line up at church every week, but in that spark-to-spark contact
that we make with each other every day.
A one-to-one ministry sets the tone for the exchange of short thoughtful
monologues that lead to meaningful dialogues which encourage us for the rest
of the day.
The volunteers and staff at Lincoln Community Church are very dedicated and
some people might never know how hard we work for them, but we wouldn’t
have it any other way.
It is amazing to me that through God’s grace, we find
miracles in the very mundane and tedious things of our
daily life as we minister to one another.
God Has Blessed Lincoln Community Church.
Our church is attractive and approachable and that is a rare
commodity in all communities.
That is what I think anyway.

Pastor Jody <><