Leaving A Legacy That Never Dies

A number of years ago I had the privilege of meeting retired Marine Colonel, Mitchell Paige, Medal of Honor winner at the Battle of Guadalcanal in WWII.  Every Marine who has ever served knows his name and his heroism in one of the most vicious battles in the annals of Marine combat.  Not long before his death, he spoke at the dedication ceremony of a new machine gun training center at the Marine Base in 29 Palms, CA.  The center was to bear his name.  At the ceremony, Mitch unabashedly gave his testimony of personal faith in Christ.   When he was finished, the Commanding General of the base said, “In 26 years of duty, I have never even opened my Bible but after listening to Mitchell Paige, I am going to begin today.”  That was Mitch’s legacy in a nutshell.  Not a medal, nor a book, nor a machine gun training center, his legacy was being true to his faith.  A man of integrity, what you saw on the outside came from what God knew he was on the inside.  Those who saw it and heard him became different and better men and women.  What better legacy can any of us ever leave?  Nothing can ever remove that kind of monument.  What kind of living monuments are you building today that will outlive your life? What are you leaving in the wake of your life’s journey?  Will it be a pathway of kindness, integrity, grace and mercy and, most of all, a clear signpost that points to the one who has been your way, your truth, and your life?                       
                                                                                                      Pastor Mike