September 2021

Church membership has been an interesting subject for the last year-and-half hasn’t it? When the Covid virus struck, the members were asked to have consideration for others and support the church while watching online.
And guess what, tithing went up. Missions at our church have never had such a big year. And now as we start to gather once again the number of people attending our services are very close to what they were before when we count souls in the sanctuary and viewers online.
I guess that is because the people at Lincoln Community Church find great value in being identified as “members.” In fact, so far this year we have hosted more than 30 individuals who have a desire to join our church as a member.
But membership does not mean that nothing is required of us other than a badge with our name on it. In fact, as we continue to move forward into these new and unknown times something is required of every member at Lincoln Community church.
Thom Rainer suggests that there are a number of things that an active, contributing member of any church should be doing for the benefit of their church.
If we were to give abundantly and serve without hesitation, it means that we are a Functioning Member.
If we are not the source of gossip or dissention in the church, we will be a Unifying Member.
If we are not seeking our preferences and desires about our church, we will be a Selfless Member.
If we are praying for our pastoral staff and the direction of our church, we will be a Praying Member.
If we share love with other members of our church then we will be considered a Family Member.
If we understand that church membership is a gift from God, then we will be a Gifted Member.
Our pastors, elders, and volunteers are not perfect and when we remember neither are we, we can take pride in being called a Member of Lincoln Community Church.
That is what I think anyway,
Pastor Jody <><