August 2021

From the Second Chair
Service at Lincoln Community Church
I was raised in a church that’s focus was serving everyone, from the cradle to the grave. In this church growing up as a teenager, I was in children’s ministry, youth activities, evangelism, leadership, and discipleship.
But the leaders, the stalwart members I looked up to were always the senior adults. They always looked to the benefit of the church, and the ministry of Christ.
I realized something in the last year and a half since I have been at Lincoln Community Church, the senior adults are still teaching me. It is a sad commentary in our society that we promote the value of young and disregard the wisdom of seniors.
Allow me to say, “Senior adults, God cherishes us and still has work for us.”
Moses was eighty years old when God called him to lead His people out of Egypt. Abraham was only seventy-five years old when he went from Harran to a new land God would show him.
What is it that senior adults can do?
We can pray for one another. What greater calling is there from God than to pray? Things happen when we pray.
We can encourage one another. In a time when people are divided, we need encouragement more than ever.
We can make friends with one another. There is a special blessing to both parties when friendships are begun and then mature.
Wiser men than I have asked these questions…
Do our hips and hands hurt? Most Likely.
Has our energy faded? Probably.
Is God finished with you? Absolutely not!
Whatever retirement is to you, there is still a purpose for your life.
There is nothing wrong with being young, but there is nothing wrong with being older, either. God is not alarmed by our aches and pains or our lack of energy. There are things to do in and around Lincoln Community Church, because there is no age limit for kingdom work.
We are retired not expired.
That is what I think anyway.