Several people have asked me in recent weeks what I make of what is happening with Iran and the Middle East.  Lots of opinions and concerns.  Personally, I can’t venture a guess or accurate opinion but I can tell you this:  God has not lost control.  He unveils his plan in steady progression.  Is Jesus coming soon?  Perhaps, but whether in a few years or another several centuries, the one thing that I am confident about is that love conquers—especially God’s love.  There upon that Golgotha Hill, the worst of humanity was displayed.  But we must never forget that the best of eternity was also on display for a lost world to see.  As a new Christian commented after reading the Book of Revelation, “Sounds like Jesus is gonna win!”  The only thing he was wrong about is that Jesus has already won.  The month of February is a month in which we celebrate love. So let us be reminded that “perfect love casts out fear” (1 John 4:18).  Moreover, let us be encouraged that through this same love, God has offered us peace (Rom 5:1).  Still further yet, let us take that same love and convert it into the way we treat others, friend or foe.  Never forget the love that Christ spreads in our lives is the same love that not only washed the feet of Peter, James, and John, but also washed the feet of Judas.  Perfect love does not solve the problems around us but it does solve the more important problems within us. Pastor Mike