February 2023

Well, here we are in February. Already, its time to start planning for spring. Yes, I know the weather is still cold and, this year, rainy. But February always makes me feel like I’m finally into the new year. Among other things, I have finally gotten used to writing 2023 on my checks instead of 2022. By the end of the month, some flowers will begin to spring forth and baseball will be in the air. Why am I going on about spring when we still have an entire 28 days to go of more winter weather? I guess I just like to look for the sunshine even when it doesn’t shine. All of that reminds me of a message that was scrawled on basement wall by a Holocaust victim of WWII. Beneath an etched Star of David were these words:
I believe in the Sun–even when it does not shine.
I believe in love–even when it is not shown.
I believe in God–even when he does not speak.
How about you? By the end of February, we will have completed nearly three full years of Covid existence, political upheaval, climate chaos, and endless bad news. But we continue trusting in the reign of God over our lives. February, though the weather is still cold and the climate reminds us that we are not in charge, is still the month of patriots (Washington and Lincoln’s Birthdays) and love (Valentine’s Day). And for that I am grateful and inspired. It reminds me that bravery and love triumph. As we now head out of 2022 and fully into 2023, let us face our futures with “faith, hope, and love,” as the Apostle Paul put it, knowing that “the greatest of these is love” (1Cor 13:13). Oh, and February also reminds me that Easter isn’t far away and that is why our “hope, forever, springs eternal.”
Faithfully in Christ,
Pastor Mike