January 2023

If we look at the New Year, it seems we are going to be one of these characters in 2023.
Would we like to be passengers this year? Taking no control over the destination we travel to, just sitting in the passenger’s seat with no desire of where we want to be at the end of the year.
The passenger will always be at the mercy of the driver. And if we choose to be a passenger, there is nothing wrong with that. But we will lose the right to grumble about where we end up.
Would we like to be a prodigal this year? Maybe in 2022, we felt a longing to get a little closer to the Lord, read the Bible more, and maybe even join a Bible Study, but as of yet, we just haven’t done it.
This is the New Year and is a wonderful time to make that choice to return to our heavenly Father, to enter into the Joy of His salvation, and be a minister to others in our community.
Being a prodigal means that we know where we have come from and that we have a deep desire for where we want to return.
Would we like to be pilgrims this year? Being a pilgrim is to have a determined goal for the New Year. Pilgrims will see God in a new way and even the Scriptures will be fresh.
The pilgrims will go out of their way, and travel to new places to find a firsthand relationship with the Lord and most likely a new ministry.
Unlike the pilgrims in the year 1620 maybe there is more than one pilgrimage in us. It will be true that those who travel with us in 2023 will keep us well, strong, and encouraged.
And finally, like pilgrims throughout history, we will be changed. While everyone’s experience is different, we will remember the trip for a lifetime.
We each get to choose who we will be this year. We should choose wisely.
That is what I think anyway.
Happy New Year!
Jody <><