July 2022

Everything I have is either faded or folded. It is
either ripped, torn, bent, scratched, or broken.
My windshield has a nick in it. There is a mark
on my motorcycle that won’t come out no
matter what I do. Even my brand-new pair of
pants has a run in the fabric.
It seems that no matter what I own, it is
flawed, incomplete, blemished, damaged, and faulty.
But I am not sad about that fact, because the one perfect thing in my life is
Jesus Christ.
And I was thinking that God the Father and I are a lot alike.
Every morning when the sun comes up, it goes down again. Every blade of grass
will wither, and every single flower will fade away.
And then God looks at us… there is none who does good, no, not one.
We all have failed, and we all wear out. After a while we are frayed and tattered,
we get twisted, tarnished, and broken.
But God the Father is not sad that all that He owns is damaged because there is
one perfect thing in His life.
His Son Jesus Christ.
It is Jesus that shines bright on a rainy day. He is not just satisfactory; He is
above superior. He is warm when it is cold and when the world is cruel, He is
When things in our life get ugly, He is beautiful. When we stand
on the sand, He is our rock.
So, I can look at all the nicks and scratches. And I could focus on
all the damaged savage world has to offer.
But I would rather turn my eyes upon Jesus.
That is what I think anyway.