June 2023

Having grandsons who are one-and-a-half and twoand-
a-half years old in our home every week,
we naturally have a storehouse of toys for
them to play with.
Railroad tracks with trains, hot wheel cars and
dinosaurs, soccer balls, basketballs, and tennis
balls. They are very busy when
they come to Papa and Gigi’s house.
I sometimes show the grandsons how the toys were designed
to be used and then take a step back to watch, but being so
young they cannot grasp the idea.
I sometimes feel like saying, “You are not playing with it the
right way!” Even though they play for hours enjoying,
learning, and growing by playing with the toys in their own
unique ways.
Who do I think I am telling someone else how to enjoy life?
Isn’t it easy to look at others, and because they do not do
things in life the way we do them, we think it must be the
wrong way?
I think about that sometimes when people share with me about their Bible
Study habits, their prayer life, or their church attendance schedules.
God has given each of us a unique path to follow so that we may get closer to
Him and grow in our relationship in our own unique way.
Psalms 16:11 – “You will make known to me the path of life; in Your presence is
the fullness of joy; at Your right hand there are pleasures forever.”
I know myself better than anyone else, and I know what works best for me. If I
am seeking after the Lord in my unique way, that is my path.
Maybe, just maybe, I have to seek the Lord in a way to enjoy, learn, and grow
in my relationship with God the Father and then allow others to do the same.

That is what I think anyway.
Jody <><