May 2021

From the Second Chair
The Crossroad – Coming Back to Church
It has been a very long time since we have had so many souls in our sanctuary, and now it seems as if we are back.
We are so excited to see everyone again, and we know everyone was thrilled to see each other at church for the past couple of weeks.
But as we look back at the road, we have traveled the last year, it has not been a smooth, or easy path.
Our church has kept moving forward by keeping the main thing, the main thing as we focused on God the Father and the Gospel of Jesus Christ all the while, keeping our congregation safe.
As I was praying a couple of weeks ago, the Lord gave me some words to put together that captures my feeling of the past year.
The Crossroad
We came to a fork in the road, We had to choose east or west.
We had to consider the moment, We pondered which direction was best.
So, we looked to the heavens atop us, And asked Him, “Which way should we go?”
His voice from above us responded, “Why do you think I would know?”
“I can’t steer a bike that’s not moving, I won’t try to move a parked car.”
“But I’ll walk any road with a church, Who has trusted Me with all of their heart.”
As we keep trusting God with our hearts,
He will continue to bless us here at Lincoln Community Church.
That is what I think anyway.