November 2019


November is my favorite month of the year.  For one thing, it is the month that sees trees in their most brilliant fall colors.  But even more important, November is the month in which we give thanks for two important things.  First, we give thanks for those who have served our country in the armed services.  We pause to recognize all who are veterans of our military and who gave of their time and their personal pursuits to keep our country free.  To all who have served, we say THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!  Second, we give thanks to God who has blessed us with the privilege of living in this great land the world calls The United States of America.  Yes, there is much in our land that needs God’s correction.  Nevertheless, compared to the rest of the world, we should be ever grateful for the freedoms that God, through our founding fathers, has given to us.  There is an old adage that goes like this: FREEDOM IS FRAGILE; HANDLE WITH PRAYER.  November is my favorite month because it not only makes me thankful but it reminds me of those Pilgrims who first gave thanks in prayer for their arrival on the shores of Plymouth nearly 400 years ago.  They set the pattern for our nation.  We do not always do well at prayer, much less these days with thankfulness, but each November, our nation’s heritage reminds us that Thanksgiving is still a staple of what it means to live in this great land.  Pastor Mike