November 2022

Harmony with One Another
Romans 12:16 – “Live in harmony with one another…”
When I was in Junior High school, our choir teacher was Miss Coover, and she was the greatest! She took it in stride as our voices were changing, sometimes in the middle of a song. She showed us the very basics of music and even now, decades later, I realize that she was teaching me about life. God Bless Marcia Coover.
In every song there is a melody, and the melody is the most unforgettable part of a song, the melody is what the listener most often remembers. But the harmony is the arrangement of the various parts of the song. We get harmony when different notes are joined together in such a way that one note complements another.
Harmony, in music, is not unison. We do not get harmony by everyone singing the same note. We get harmony when different notes are brought together. What a beautiful illustration of the Christian church!
When the book of Romans tells us to “Live in harmony with one another”, it means that believers should come together in such a way that we enhance and compliment one another. By being in harmony with one another, we are better together than any of us could be on our own.
There is a special beauty that comes when we take what is unique and different about our self and then make it into one beautiful song that the church sings together… in harmony.
Since March of 2020 our country has changed, our community has changed, and our church has changed. Is there anything that is more badly needed in our world than harmony?
Living in harmony is the unique calling that we have as Christians as God commands us, “Let the world see harmony in My church”.
In my Junior High School choir, we were far from perfect in our performances, but let me say, when we were at our very best, it was not the melody that made the song special, it was the harmony as we all sang our individual parts with passion.
We should have that same passion at Lincoln Community Church.
That is what I think anyway.
Jody <><