October 2022

With the coming of October, we are fully into the fall. Praise God for the autumn weather. But October also brings on Halloween. Christians, for a long time, have struggled with what to do with Halloween. Diane and I never liked the ghoulish and demonic costumes that consumed the public’s attention at this time of the year. But rather than deprive our kids of the opportunity to dress up and participate in some Halloween fun, we did our best to direct them toward more wholesome costumes. Our former church used to put on a big Halloween Night for the children in the neighborhood, with games, treats, and fun activities. Each game offered treats for the children that they could collect in special bags that we gave to each child. We sought to do our best at giving our neighborhood parents a wholesome and safe place for their children to enjoy Halloween. We also placed gospel tracts in each youngster’s bag that talked about how Jesus Christ was the Lord of life and triumphed over the Prince of Darkness.
But still Halloween always had the lingering stain of evil and death. So, what should we do? First, it is important to understand that the word means “Hallows (Saints) Eve.” November 1 was called “All Saints Day” with October 31 being “All Saints Eve”—or Halloween. Centuries ago, Christians began seizing back the day from the ancient Druids and recasting it as a celebration of the Lord of life rather than the Prince of Darkness and death. November 1 became a time to remember and celebrate those who have gone before and fought the good battle of faith. After all, one whole chapter in the Book of Hebrews does that (Hebrews 11).
As followers of Christ, let us recast Halloween as a day to remember those who have made our faith possible. Who in your life created the “eves” of faith in your life? Most of those who did so for me are now at home with the Lord (2 Cor 5:8). This Halloween, why not let that day prepare you for the next day and the celebration of life exemplified in their new life in Christ? Celebrate the light that they shed upon your path that made it easier for you to find your way to Jesus. As Richard Foster, in his book, CELEBRATION OF DISCIPLINE, writes, “Why allow Halloween to be a pagan holiday in commemoration of the powers of darkness? Fill the house or church with light; sing and celebrate the victory of Christ over darkness.” Pastor Mike