January 2019


As we begin a new year consider the following statement: “What the new year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you are bringing to the new year.”  Good counsel.  Nowhere is this as true as in our walk with God.  Every one of us longs for a deeper more intimate experience of God’s presence in our lives.  At least I hope that we do.  But just as the returns of any relationship depend upon how much we put into that relationship, whether marriage or friendship, so it is with our daily walk with Christ.  Over the years I have discovered that there are certain essential ingredients that make a recipe for experiencing Christ’s presence in our daily lives.  During the first month of this year, I want to explore those ingredients with you in a sermon series entitled, Five Secrets for an Effective Faith.  What are those ingredients?  Here they are: Time listening to the voice of God (Bible Study); time being quiet in the presence of God (Prayer); time acknowledging with gratitude the provision of God (Giving); time using our abilities and life experiences to spread the kingdom of God (Serving); and time spent enhancing the lives of others in the family of God (Fellowship).  The Christian life is not easy but it is rich and rewarding.  But the rewards will only result from our investment.  Join me as we begin a new year making investments that will never decay, deflate, or disappoint.  Pastor Mike